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We are a BYOB restaurant.


Kulfi $6
Condensed milk cooked with Cardamom

Mango Moose $6
Alphonso mango pulp in homemade cream

Chocolate Temptation Cake $6
Chocolate cake filled with chocolate and Hazelnut creams

Tiramisu $6
Layers of espresso separated by cream dusted with cocoa powder

Kid's Bear $6
Chocolate Gelato decorated bear with chocolate ears and face

Gulab Jamun $5
Golden brown donuts dipped in sugar syrup

Rasmalai $6
Sweet cheese dumpling in milk

Gajar Halva $5
Shredded carrots cooked with khoya and milk

Falooda $8
Traditional dessert consists of ice cream, milk, and wheat vermacelli in Rose water

Rice Pudding $5
Rice cooked in milk and cardamom

Kheer $5
Vermacelli cooked in milk, cardamom and nuts

Ice Cream $5


We are a BYOB restaurant.

Shirley Temple $6
Lemon lime soda, gingerale, granadine syrup

Mango Mojito $6
Mango pulp, mojito mix, sprite, lemon wedge, mint leaves

Lime Soda $5
Sweet or Salt

Strawberry Mojito $6

Bloody Mary $6
Tomato juice, lime juice, tabasco sauce, salt, pepper and ice

Monsun Special Mocktail $7
Mango, Strawberry, Grenadine, Pomegranate, Soda

Piña Colada $7
Coconut milk, pineapple juice, shaken with ice


Indian Masala Tea $3
Tea made with milk and spices

Lavazza Coffee $4

Masala Butter Milk $5
Butter milk served with mint and spices

Lassi $5

Mango Lassi $5

San Pellegrino Water $4

Still Water $4

Canned Soda $3
Coke, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale, Fanta, Club Soda

Mango Juice $5

Orange Juice $5

Apple Juice $5